Mindfulness during this strange time

I've teamed up with Hastings Contemporary to create a series of mindfulness drawing activities.

We believe that art is a tool that can be used to create pockets of joy and calm for people who are experiencing anxiety and distress. 

We know that many children may be experiencing high levels of anxiety at the moment, especially if their parents or carers work for the NHS or for any of the other essential services which are currently operating under unprecedented pressure.

So John and I have made a series of digital resources which parents can use to try and give their children a moment of calm. We've set mindfulness and self-regulation techniques and paired them with an arts activity that anybody can do. And we mean anybody. All you need is a mark making tool (a pencil, a pen, a felt tip) and something to work on (a piece of paper, a post it note, the back of an envelop or even the inside of a cereal packet). Anything that you’ve got, will work beautifully. 

The activities will all be simple and can be pitched at children of all ages. Adults might also find them useful as a way of connecting with their children as they negotiate stressful and ever changing shift patterns, showing them that it is possible to achieve a sense of calm even when they are faced which great challenges. 

You can click on the images and save them or work on them through the website. We'll be uploading new ones regularly. It's a little thing but we believe it's important. 

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